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The Way of the Integral Warrior
from pag. 1

The profane man travels in life in a mechanical and unconscious way. He is imprisoned in his thought patterns that he often ignores completely. He has a representation of the world deformed by its conditioning and lives every event as separate from one another. He finds safety in inserting everything into a category that gives the illusion of understanding life. Instead of living life he is only able of thinking it.
The warrior instead breaks the categories and representations of the world.
The warrior is always listening to what surrounds him. He is careful to learn constantly with fair humility, he is humble because he accepts his ignorance.
The warrior knows that for every habit that dies a spark of soul comes and suddenly a part of the world that was hidden by the plot of the mind reveals itself.

The warrior is not ascetic. He does not consider pleasure as an enemy to defeat. But also the suppression of his vital impulses is dangerous in his way, as it is harmful giving up his aspirations. He knows that morality is always subjective, depending on the times and society. He knows that the morals are built to maintain a power over men, killing free expression.
The warrior is therefore amoral, but not immoral. He follows a code of honor that is inspired by the principles which arise from the deep contact with his soul. He does not learn them with education and culture.
The warrior honors his body as full and visible expression of the Divine. He knows that it is not a simple dress to wear and use.
The warrior feels that the body is his manifestation in the world, his obvious identity, concretized in material world.
The warrior loves the body, prays with the body, aspires with the body, longs with the body, and thinks with the body because he feels that the body is the expression of his essence.
The warrior has extreme confidence in his body.
The warrior is not fooled by the seduction of the speeches, by the logic of sentences, because he has a thermometer of truth which is his body. Through the body he feels the truth and the lies. If something in him shrinks and shrinks, he knows that words, even if they appear beautiful and poetic, are only a siren's song.
He sinks his hands into live, in every experience he tries to always give himself in a total way. The warrior rather prefers to collect a bitter fruit with his hands, than not a sweet one through someone's other hand or advise.
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