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The Way of the Integral Warrior
A Warrior is who fights to eliminate not an external opponent, but those fears, anxieties and stress that disrupt the integrity of being within ourselves, thus weakening his form, his health, his life. Only by restoring, coordinating and refining Breath, Motion and Structure it is possible to re-create that form of being - being in shape vs. having a shape-, which liberated by those "nodes" – conditionings - which restrict its expression can flow freely in our "Natural State", realizing our Personal Legend.

Here it is about 'taking away', removing everything that prevents our original nature of being. Everything you learn, you teach and what conditions you, goes in the wrong direction. A Warrior is who is not afraid to "clean his bowl" in depth. Here we give the tools to clean the bowl. However it is you who, then, who will have to clean it.

Trainings has to prepare for life!




° In essence, the meaning is: so be what it should be, or what it "IS" in the sense that it shall happen and it shall have ontological consistency only what has it in itself and not because it borrows from something other than himself. The main, but not only significance attributed by the Christian tradition in particular, is that the will of God-Dao-Nature be accomplished. This is not wrong, but if this fulfillment comes only from obedience, not by a deep, ontological union with God Himself, it becomes an empty, sterile, insignificant accomplishment. Only when those who pronounce and act, doe all this as if they were God, in a complete union with Him, then, and only then, there's no more someone who shows the way, the way, and who takes it ... but you reach the unit, the fullness, the total fulfillment of the past, the present and the future, of what was, what is and what is not yet.

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