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Towards an integrated humam been
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Select and educate this kind of men-which I call the "Intregal Warrior" - is not a matter of money or scientific / esoteric knowledge but the ability to transfer ideas, values and principles of a higher order. What I want to pursue with this business of mine, is to integrate the social- work- education with the opportunity to study themselves, freed from fear, from their limits, the boxes, prejudices, beliefs and misleading practices because they generate psychological addiction to gurus, masters, systems, schools that use practices that once served to "wake up" the men to make them sleep even better! Only after we freed from everything that does not belong to us, we can start to breathe, giving centrality to our "Personal Legend", which will not turn into utopia thanks to the tools that schools like this have made available to us. Changing the past, in fact, requires the abandonment of all that parents, educators, guru-alias ... spare fathers and false prophets have imposed on us. All current practices are made by men 82 to take advantage of other men 82 gaining power, consent to their whipped egos and ... money. I do not see any masters or courses around that teach how to develop the intelligence, the ability to discern - metanoia.

Everyone sells something. Everyone buys something. But no one searches for himself. Really! Looking for myself means that it is understood that there is nothing more to add, but much more to remove (perhaps those three protons would be enough ...). Remove everything that is not "I". This does not belong to me indeed, is what causes the binding of my Free Flow through which I can re-access the Natural State, the state of Grace, Integrity between me and the All-that-I am. As well for the ancient Greeks there was a relationship of cause and effect between internal and external events. The life of every man is made horizontally of events and vertically of states. Even then there was the belief that the fate of a man was a projection of his inner world. Why should we become "Integral Warriors"-heroes? Because below them there is a teeming humanity that gets born and dies without leaving a trace! Like Prometheus, the first benefactor of mankind, who brought the first spark in the horrible situation in which men where, I try in my small way to do the same. A better society is made up of better human beings. So let's start ... from the single man. Man! Change yourself. - Which means flip everything you believe in, think-.

The first thing you can do to free yourself from the snare that bind the flow, is to make the invisible bars that form your cage visible. You need to identify what keeps you in a cage, and in doing so you ensure your path to freedom. In doing so you will find out that grace, coordination, agility, balance, self-control ... integrity are qualities that you cannot learn. They are yours by birthright, they are your genetic inheritance.
What you "learn", what conditions you is the opposite!
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