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Towards an integrated humam been
There is a humanity 82. A large group of 'half' men. If we would be able to identify them, we would never accept them as our representatives in Parliament. We would save ourselves from the outrage of discovering that we have given faith, in the best case, to whom gets richer refunds thanks to changes of residence for convenience or political activities never carried out. With an 82 man we would not do even business, much less we would like them next to our daughter. Because 82 humanity is obscure, low value, as heavy as an atom of lead! But there is also a humanity 79, light, incorruptible, as an atom of gold. The two species appear to come from value galaxies light years away. Still, an atom of lead is already an atom of gold: it has only three more protons in 82 vs. 79. The desire for the world to liberate 'humanity from this excess, from the weight of his nightmares, is to transform lead into gold. This "re (e) volution" would heal the world from all its woes. If we could realize it, it would be the greatest scientific discovery of all times. The Great Masterpiece! The solution is only three protons away.... There is only one "way" to follow for implementing this alchemical transformation: regain the integrity. We must become aware that change can only come from the individual: Love your neighbor as yourself. Which means: know yourself, own yourself and transform yourself. The world is in dire need of men of this type to progress. Prior to govern others one must learn how to govern himself – own himself-.

In the story, you could see that empires disappear as men for the same cause: lack of integrity. Integrity is a universal value, it is above ethics: the ethics of ethics! The latter varies in space and time. What is ethical in Italy may not be in China, and what was ethical a century ago may not be today. The integrity instead, summarizes all the natural values of man. The Church has always understood the value of the concept of integrity. In fact, the word "holy" is derived from "healthy", meaning intact. Integrity requires an extraordinary quality: the lack of fear. The world is at a standstill because there are people who depend on something/from someone, because there are people scared to death! Fear, anxiety, stress, disrupt the harmonious relationship between posture, movement and breath leading us out of that state of grace-natural state-that belongs to us by right of birth. If you do not reintegrate these qualities the man will never be integer. The first is the physical integrity because it is the foundation for all kind of integrity – mental and emotional-. Fear is a state of mind encouraged by someone who then uses it to sell products which do not help to overcome fear, indeed they exploit it! In more difficult situations, when the way gets tough, I take this immense opportunity to remember that besides me there is no solution, nor is there any possibility of help. The solution is my integrity. Schools where teaching this in the past, like the high schools of ancient Greece, and what about today?

I do not believe that the current crisis has to do with economy and finance. The economic and financial problems are not the cause. They could simply be considered effects. The primary cause is the shortage of loyal, dedicated, integer men! Only thanks to a healthy and conscious education you can save man from that process of involution that runs from Socrates to the Big Brother. Democracy first of all need men of integrity, then you can talk about elections .... Without the one there is no basis for the other because if you lack of awareness of profit everything has a price, but no value.   go to pag. 2
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