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Make the body obedient to our will and then realize that you are not the body.

In its true state – Natural state -, the mind is neither superficial nor deep, neither internal nor external, neither material nor spiritual. It is what it is. Only those living in duality have a fragmentary perception of reality.
As above, so below.
The inside generates the outside, the outside feeds the inside.

The first thing you can do to free yourself from the bonds that bind the free flow, is to make visible those invisible bars that form your cage. You need to identify what keeps you in the cage and in doing so you ensure yourself the path of freedom. You will find that grace, coordination, agility, balance, self-control…integrity, are qualities you cannot learn. They are yours by birthright; they are your genetic inheritance.
What we 'learn', what conditions us is the opposite!

Remember: Who is master of his own mind is the master of his body. Who does not own his body doesn't own his mind.
-Buddha Sakhyamuni°


° That is, belonging to the caste of warriors!!!
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