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Why Zurkhaneh – زورخانه - ?
The military and religious tradition of those Aryan peoples who came from the Eurasian steppes or from Anatolia and that in the second millennium BC progressively occupied territories as today's Iran and its neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Tadzhikistan, Baluchistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, are at the origin of schools for War-priests called Zurkhaneh, the House of Power. At that time the future Indian culture and the Persian culture were still one only thing. Actually at that time everything was one! The religion of the time was Mazdaism, the ancient religion of the Aryan people. It is a set of beliefs, traditions and rituals similar to those of ancient Hinduism. The Aryans were a warrior people. The Aryan people divided social functions into three basic groups. 1) Spiritual Power: priests, and 2) That of the warrior-king-judges, and 3) that of the wealth producers (farmers, traders, artisans). A person belongs to one or the other social caste not by birth, as it was later "outwardly" interpreted by the Indian culture, but in relation to the state of their "inner" Being. We are born warriors, we don’t become one. No warrior would ever live the life of a farmer, and vice versa. These schools-Zurkhaneh-, were used to extrapolate precisely the warrior or the priest's inside a person.

In Mazdaism the protection of the cosmic order was relying on a couple of great god, Mithra and Ahura. The task of the Sun god Mithra was to ensure the word given. He represents the warrior- and gift-functions. The god Ahura Mazdah, the wise Lord, represents instead the ethical and spiritual dimensions of the priestly caste. From 'the dawn of time the' esoteric teaching’ basically belongs to these two castes: religious and military. So it was in ancient Egypt till to the Greek schools. What is now being proposed as "esoteric", from the point of view of the state of Being of someone belonging to the caste of warrior-priests, it is not even exoteric. Thanks to a rise in the state of Being the dichotomous vision matter / spirit, internal / external, superficial / deep, esoteric / exoteric is to disappear completely. All the so-called "esoteric knowledge" belongs to the caterpillar. When the butterfly is born, the caterpillar and the whole "culture of caterpillar" must die.

In Zurkhaneh the practitioner is initiated not only to the military arts, but also to the music, philosophy, mathematics, poetry, ethics, etc ...

In memory of those "holy places" where from the lead of the common man the precious gold of the integral man was forged, in an era where the man was a man, the woman was a woman, the warrior ... warrior, the merchant a merchant and everything (everyone) supported - instead of taking advantage of! – the other, I chose to call the space where we practice Zurkhaneh - زورخانه -, the House of Power.
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